CC26xBPA Evaluation Module Compatible with TI SmartRF06 Development Board

The CC26xBPA TIEM evaluation module provides a hardware environment for TI CC26xx SimpleLink Development Kits, and facilitates the development and evaluation of designs targeting CC264xBxA series of RF modules from GT-tronics.  The CC26xBPA TIEM evaluation module is compatible with TI SmartRF06 development board, CC2650DK development kit, SensorTag Debugger DevPack, and is a near-drop-in replacement to CC2650EMK-5XD Evaluation Module for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), ZigBee, and 6LowPan protocol.  The CC26xBPA TIEM evaluation module is also compatible with standard 10-pin ARM JTAG debuggers.



CC264BPA-TIEM - Top View

    CC264BPA-TIEM - Bottom View


By plugging in a CR2032 coin cell (not provided in the package) to the TIEM evaluation module, the module can run as a standalone wireless device, providing simple functions such as iBeacon.  The breakout pins on the E-interface allows further hardware feature extension.  Actuator control, temperature and motion sensing, for example.  This makes the CC26xBPA TIEM evaluation module a perfect fit for quick prototyping Internet of Things (IoT) hardware demo.

Click here to download the user guide of CC26xBPA TIEM evaluation module, and this link for the CC2640 R2F Firmware Building Guide.  If you need the firmware building guide for R1 (F128), please contact us.

Click here for more information about the CC26xBPA series of SMD modules.