Perfect IoT Enabler for Today's Consumer Products and Industrial Automation

DataExchanger is an end-to-end Internet-of-Things (IoT) solution for machine-to-machine (M2M), machine-to-human (M2H), and machine-to-cloud (M2U) data transfer applications.  DataExchanger solutions cover cloud, apps, gateways, embedded firmware running on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Bluetooth Classic, and other low-power RF modules manufactured by GT-tronics, as well as other licensed vendors.   DataExchanger connects host microprocessors (MCU) and MCU-less hardware sensors, actuators, lights, and displays wirelessly to clouds, mobile handsets and PCs.


Reducing Design Effort and Time-to-Market Substantially

Easy-to-use APIs are provided to developers so that they can focus on their applications without worrying the wireless data transfer protocols and stacks.  The unique peripheral virtualization feature offers and address-based remote communications and control of hardware peripherals (i.e. sensors, actuators, lights, displays, etc.) to enable direct hardware abstraction all the way to the cloud and mobile apps without needing custom firmware development.  The game changer concept enables developers, especially the cloud and mobile centric developers, to build end-to-end IoT data collection and hardware control applications in very minimal efforts.



Serial Interface   I2C Interface   GPIO Interface
Host MCUs communicate with the DataExchanger applications via UART serial interface. The modules can be configured to stream data to and from other connected devices.  Transparent data tunneling also allows serial data to be transferred between Host MCUs and user applications over wireless links and the Internet.   Logical address mapping enables software programmers to retrieve data from IoT sensor, to control remote actuators, and send messages to displays directly without digging into physical electronics circuitries.   DataExchanger provides a powerful set of commands to enable host control and configuration.  It also provides a rich feature set for wireless and peripheral control. DataExchanger endpoints can start and stop services and use GPIOs for actuator control and LED indication, for example.


GT-tronics offers an array of RF modules such as CC241BPA and CC264BPA, as well as development kits, firmware and smartphone app source code that support the DataExchanger solution framework.

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