Launching TC615BPA dual-mode Bluetooth Classic and LE module


GT-tronics launches dual-mode Bluetooth HCI modules based on Toshiba's TC35661 Chiron SoC

Hong Kong SAR, China, December. 17, 2014  —  GT-tronics, a leader in wireless products and solutions, today announces the availability of a new dual-mode Bluetooth HCI module, TC615BPA, for applications requiring the communicating on both Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Smart (BLE) standards.  The new module, which is based on Toshiba's TC35661 Chiron Bluetooth SoC, features transmit power of +4 dBm, receiver sensitivity of -87 dBm, and compact size of 15.2 x 19.0 x 2.0 mm.

The TC615BPA module offers standard and vendor-specific HCI interface to external host processors running Bluetooth protocol stack via UART port.  Its dual mode Bluetooth (BT 3.0+EDR and BT 4.0 LE) capability enables any system integrating TC615BPA to offer Bluetooth Classic functions such as A2DP streaming audio as well as Bluetooth Smart features like low-power remote control, with the lowest additional hardware cost.  The built-in PCB style antenna on TC615BPA further shaves development time, eliminates RF tuning effort, and reduces production cost and testing time.

The TC615BPA module is targeted at applications including TVs, Soundbars, Home Entertainment systems, Smart Audio Docking Stations, Wireless Speakers with BLE remote, Audio Conferencing Systems, Tablets, PCs, and Professional Audio Systems.  It is also ideal for systems that need to communicate with older smartphones running Bluetooth Classic SPP profile and newer ones using Bluetooth 4.0 LE GATT as data transfer.

Samples of the TC615BPA are available now to selected beta customers, and it is expected to be widely available in Q1, 2015. It will sell for USD 3.00 each in 1,000-unit quantities.

About GT-tronics

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