DataExchanger iOS app

We are pleased to announce that the DataExchaner iOS app has been released to App Store.  More information can be found at
The Data Exchanger App and the Data Exchanger Bluetooth Smart (Low Energy) wireless adaptor kit give you an awesome demo how to link up your electronic project to iOS devices for control and other data communication needs. Users can use the app to send and receive serial data through Bluetooth to the adaptor's UART interface, which can be connected to user's own hardware. The Data Exchanger wireless adaptor kit comes with the Data Exchanger App source code and API library for users to build their own Bluetooth Smart applications.
→ Auto connect to Data Exchanger Bluetooth Smart (Low Energy) wireless adaptor 

→ Transmit user typed data in iOS and output to the adaptor's UART output port.
→ Display data received from the adaptor's UART input port.
→ Round trip data transfer test for link performance monitoring. 

Minimum iOS and device requirements
→ iOS 7.0

→ iPhone 4s, 5, 5s, 6 and 6s